Monday, March 9, 2015


The My Size Barbie has finally gone to her new home.  I hope her new little owner will enjoy playing with her.

I ended up making her two dresses.  The client had only requested one but seriously, whoever heard of a Barbie doll with only ONE dress.

The first dress was based on a 'Review' brand dress I was altering for another client.  It was a lovely shape that just suited Barbie.  When this client came to pick up her altered dress, I told her I had copied her dress and she was quite happy about that.  Then I showed her what I had done and she was enchanted, she thought it was so cute.

The fabric is an actual Mattel licensed print with Barbie written inside pink hearts.  I found it with some fabric another retiring dressmaker had given me  - a lovely unexpected present.  She was retiring and found me on the internet and rang me up to offer me her fabric.  Some months later, here it was.  The perfect fabric and the perfect amount for this little girl's present.

Just before I sent the doll off, I added a headband made from the fabric scraps.  (Sorry, no pictures of that.)

For the second dress, I used the pink satin that the client had sent me and, just as Night Owl suggested, made a princess dress.  This one is all lined and has a tulle underskirt.  I would have liked to have added another layer or two of net  underneath to make the skirt even fuller but I also didn't want to make the skirt too big so I left it at one layer.

I also made a rose and put it on a hair clip to hold back some of her hair.

I'm not sure what her original hairstyle was like but now you can see her pretty face properly.