Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 As soon as my dolls heard that one of them was invited to Rod and Danielle's wedding in Morristown, they headed into the sewing studio demanding a new outfit.  (It must be a dressmaker thing - one of my husband's cousins who also sews has been known to be hemming the outfit she will be wearing at a party on her way to that party.)
They raided my fabric, trying to decide on colour and fabric. (I made them take their shoes off. )

They debated about this: 

and this: 

This fabric the Monster High girls claimed (they're demanding clothes too):

And then they saw these scraps left over from the most recent wedding dress and they were unanimous - this was the fabric: 

I wasn't sure that I could make this work as the fabric is a delustred duchess satin and although it was lightweight for humans, it was actually pretty thick for a doll dress but I tried it anyway.
I made the outfit and then was told it needed a hat, so I made my first doll fascinator and she was ready for THE wedding

Hopefully, the flights will all connect well and no luggage will be lost on the way.