Thursday, August 23, 2012


I know it has been a very hot summer in America but here we have had a long, cold winter.  In fact, the other day the weather reporter said we had had the dullest winter since 1996. I don't know how they work that out but we certainly haven't seen the sun very much at all for months.  Everyone has been feeling it - but at last we have had a few slightly warmer days and today the sun shone (for a little while).  And some of the spring flowers have blossomed so the Monster High girls decided to investigate.

Draculara discovered the Eerlicheer daffodils - one that really makes me think Spring is on the way.  I like to smell them just like she did.

And Torelei decided to investigate the spring blossom -

Good thing she has cat genes as this involved taking her shoes off and climbing the tree.

Good thing they did it earlier today - since then we've had more wind, rain and hail.  I guess winter isn't over yet.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


On Saturday, Joy and I went to the Melbourne Doll Market which is held twice a year at the Banyule Council  Arts Space.

It's not a very big space but the market is fun and full of interesting sellers.

Not everyone was a business.  The lady who owned these  two beautiful dolls (which were not for sale) was selling off some of her excess dolly clothing and accessories.

Most people brought their dolls with them - which was a good idea as there were some interesting things for sale:

this was made by KaosDollAccessories
and of course you want to make sure your new purchases fit your doll.

We had fun talking to The Blythe Ghost ( who makes Blythe doll clothes and hats and also customises Blythe dolls.

 She has customised the doll on the left and made the outfit and hat for the doll on the right.

We also talked to the lovely Fran Smiles of Sew Petite who sews clothes for small porcelain dolls and sewed these beautiful dresses for the small ball-jointed dolls.  They are made out of silk and cotton lace.  (Sorry, she doesn't have a website or an Etsy shop so I can't give her a link.)

She also told me that the Croydon Doll Show which I think I said no longer happened in the doll survey, will actually be held in the middle of next month.  Its venue has changed and it hasn't been very well advertised lately  but it is still going strong.  It used to be just for porcelain dolls but Fran told me that it is beginning to open up to other doll collectors.

And what did I buy.  Well, Jemgirl (  was there with her resin goodies and I couldn't resist her Monster High Shoes.  

I couldn't buy just one pair as there would have been war here so I went for the buy 3 pairs deal.  And I bought a microphone (also from Jemgirl).

We stayed for the draw for the door prizes - a small BJD from Indollgence, a customised Blythe from Natalie who organises the doll market and a parcel of doll clothes from Hegemony77 ( who sent them from Hungary - wow - ) but didn't win anything.  Never mind, we still had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the next market next year.