Thursday, February 6, 2014


Last year was a very busy year, paticularly after June.  And there were a lot of blog posts that were drafted in my mind but that never actually got written.  There were also some unexpected obstacles to writing.

So I thought I would do a quick overview of some of the doll and doll-related things that happened last year:

In June I met Barbie.

A shopping centre (shopping mall) near us was extended and refurbished.  The new shops that opened included a Big W store and meeting Barbie there was one of the attractions of their 'Grand Opening'.  The unfortunate thing was that the 'Grand Opening' was on a Wednesday and she was there between 1pm and 3pm when all her fans were at school. But she really was lovely (and had a very faint American accent).

At the end of July, Ikea did release their Huset doll furniture set in Australia so I gave in to peer pressure and bought one.  (And it was only $2 dearer than the American price, yay for Ikea ).

In August, I decided that if I was going to sew for American Girl dolls, I really needed an American Girl doll to make sure the clothes fitted properly.  So Megan came to live in Australia. (you will meet her properly in another blog post).

And, finally, having been taught by you all to always keep my eyes open for doll stuff in unexpected places, I found these little keyrings in Riot which is an art and craft chain here in Australia.  They contain tiny crayons in seven different colours.

 They are almost perfect scale for Barbie and were only $2.

Do you like the top Barbie is wearing in this picture?  It is one of three easy tops I promised to blog about last year.  It is very easy to make and the only sewing required is for the press stud (which you don't have to have).   Now I just have to write out the instructions so they are not too confusing.